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About Us

Bina is a unique software company that provides advanced technological solutions for business challenges. Bina was established in 1997 by Mr. Liran Ben Haim and Mr. Ofir Aspis and is run by an experienced staff of engineers and marketing personnel.

Throughout its ten years of activity Bina has developed various applications in the areas of security, finance, High tech, industry, infrastructure and higher education both in Israel and globally and the company’s clientele keeps growing annually.

Orbograph, Rafael, The Prime Minister’s Office, various government offices, banks, Microsoft, Ness Technologies, Orbotech, Strauss, The Technion, Haifa University and Geokom are but a few of a long list of respectable companies that have been part of the company’s clientele for many years.

Bina’s vast experience also includes high standard of products and first rate service which all come together and characterize the company and its many years of activity.

Bina has three main areas of expertise:

Analysis, design and software development projects

• Embedded Linux - User/Kernel development , BSPs, Drivers, Applications

• RealTime - Developing with various RTOS like: UC/OS , CMX , EmbOS, ... and various Micro Controllers.

• Biometric software – face recognition/ finger print/ Iris mputer vision

• Distributed systems based on SOA architecture

• IT systems based on various data bases

• Projects and product design in the Embedded area

• Internet/ Intranet applications/ websites

• Pocket PC based applications

• SAP and SBO complementary designs

• Comprehensive solutions for distributed environments which necessitate various technology integration

Software teaching and training

• High tech colleges and Media Tech

• Technion - Higher education and external studies unit

• Haifa University - Higher education and external studies unit

• The Academic College of Emek Yizrael

Analysis, design and software development consultancy services for organizations

• Management of the customer’s programming team

• Monitoring ongoing projects

• Training and support for staff members

Bina’s global vast scope of activities within the world of the software field has resulted in a specific area of expertise in the technologies and platforms areas which include Microsoft’s various development environments, Sun platform, NET, Win32, Java J2SE/J2EE COM, database content and integration systems.

Why Bina?

Dozens of top Israeli companies have chosen to work with Bina due to the company’s commitment to excellence, creativity, comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding of the market needs.

Above all – due to the fact that this unique combination enables Bina experts to create tailor made technology for each individual customer and to provide the best possible solution as an answer to customer requests and needs. There are of course other reasons….

Implementation of current technologies – Company management is also a part of the academic staff of the leading higher education high tech establishments. The lectures they give also expose them to the most innovative technology and its implementation methods. Therefore, company customers enjoy cutting edge technology implemented within their organizations via various applications, swiftly and whilst using the clear advantage of precedence.

Professionalism and experience – Bina has over 12 years of accumulated experience in running various software projects. Company employees are certified programming graduates from the leading software companies and they continuously study, update and adapt new areas of expertise.

The company sees its professional and skilled staff as an essential asset. This asset vastly contributes to saving time which is required when familiarizing with the unique needs and requirements of each organization and its activities.

Long term commitment – Bina has a long lasting relationship with its customers. For every software designed for a specific company, Bina is committed to provide its customer with upgrades, changes and current additions according to requirements and with no time limit.

Flexibility and availability – Bina employs 10 engineers and high tech personnel and sub contractors when required. The size of the company enables Bina to achieve ultimate flexibility and wise resource allocation, maximal availability and punctual time schedules.

Top quality service - The service provided by the company, besides being based on professionalism and integrity, also includes honesty, openness and personal attention. The company believes that excellent interpersonal relations are of no less importance than the level of professionalism. The company collaborates with its customers, listens to the customers, learns their needs and provides and implements optimal solutions for them.

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